Our Story

We’re a family that believes in traditions. In 2017, we discovered that the creators of the best candles we’d ever tried were closing up shop. So, we had two potential options. First, we could buy an insane amount of candles from their last production run, as if we were preparing for an apocalypse. That way, we’d never run out of that delicious Vanilla Cinnamon scent that came to define the smell of our Wisconsin home. Or, we could pursue the more adventurous route. We could carry on their tradition, learn the formulas from the source, and bring Aglow soy candles into more homes around the world. We decided to purchase the business and keep the flame burning.

This decision was easy for us because we believe so strongly in the quality of this home-grown product. It’s the strongest smelling, cleanest burning, longest lasting candle we’ve ever tried. We’ve made sure to replicate the exact high quality candle, and we are committed to introducing new interesting scents for every season. Our mission is to create the best candle you’ve ever burned. We hand-pour each small batch and obsess over quality and scent strength. Simply put, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our product, or we’ll make it right.

The Aglow story is about more than just an amazing candle. It’s about saying “yes” to unexpected adventures, because we believe these adventures help bring meaning to our lives. It’s about enhancing our family values of entrepreneurship. And it’s about keeping great traditions alive. We hope you’ll join us in this tradition.

-The Zieglers